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    After identifying the need for a better cup at a better price, Cup&Company launched in 2016 at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo. 

    Our mission is to provide high quality ceramics to the specialty coffee industry, delivered fast and at an appropriate price. 

    Having successfully owned and run various food businesses, this experience was the catalyst for the launch of Cup&Company. Our background also includes design and our owner has won a number of eminent design awards including Product Design of The Year and Overall Award of Merit For Design In Australia. 

    Since 2004 we have designed, manufactured and sold a range of consumer products worldwide. Our combined manufacturing, sales and distribution extends globally and includes a wide range of products and services. This combined experience led us to develop an improved cup and saucer design, ensure production quality, fast delivery and drastically reduced pricing for cafe owners.

    Here in Australia you can find out more by emailing us hello@cupandcompany.com